Filming on Happy Island

You might be pleased or interested to know that recently, Dongguan has been snapped up as a set for a local movie. It isn’t very often we hear about this happening, right? One film crew has been busy on a primitive island in Dongguan for the film “The flavor of Happy Island.” The film is being created on an island at the north of Dong River in Shijie town of Dongguan named “Sandalwood Island,” with about 80% of the area being sandalwood—hence its name. Also, it’s known as “The Sun Moon Lake of Dong River” locally by folks because it’s a quiet and peaceful spot with dense vegetation.

Director of the film, Snow Lai commented, “One important reason for the film is to commemorate the previous owner of the island, who sadly passed away,” this being Snow’s friend’s father. She added, “Secondly, due to the continuous excavation in Dong River, the soil erosion is very serious. We wish to alert people and encourage people to protect the river.”

In the film, people from Happy Island are in harmony with mother nature, people grow plants in a traditional way and insist on recycling. By showing this kind of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly lifestyle to the public, the film aims to create positive change. You can expect to see The Flavor of Happy Island in theaters in Dongguan and Hong Kong in the coming future.

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