Dongguan Today Reaches 10

July 28 was the 10th anniversary of Dongguan Today’s English website. Dongguan Today is the first government English website among all prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province. It’s recorded that the highest pageview number in one day is 4,700,000.

During the past decade, Dongguan Today has consistently provided various kinds of information that foreigners need including news, economy, culture, city guide, etc. According to the data, Dongguan Today has published nearly 150,000 shared posts and more than 12,000 original posts.

The first Dongguan Oral English Contest was held in 2009 with a great success. It’s been a wonderful stage for folks to show how they connect with English. Its popularity even helps to extend some sub-brands such as the Dongguan English Singing Talent Show and Dongguan English Club. The first English network video column Dongguan LIVE, launched in 2010, is another milestone in Dongguan Today’s history. This program normally invites foreign guests to experience local stuff such as the traditional lion dance, making Daojiao Zongzi, etc. From this window, foreigners have a better way and viewpoint to understand and explore our beloved Dongguan. So far, there have been 30 episodes.

“I hope Dongguan Today could be one of the main windows for foreign friends to know more about Dongguan,” said Stefanie Tan, editor in chief of Dongguan Today, “and can become a huge stage for the Dongguan municipal party committee and Dongguan government for external communication.”

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