Dongguan Bans Outpatient IV Drip

You may have been to local hospitals and seen many Chinese, from babies to the elderly, having intravenous injections. This incomprehensible image will disappear because a new regulation has been released by Dongguan Health and Family Planning Bureau—from August 1, 2018, twelve municipal hospital and tertiary comprehensive hospitals are banning intravenous infusion for outpatients (except for Emergency department, pediatric emergency department, day surgery and tumor outpatient chemotherapy).

Those 12 hospitals are Dongguan People’s Hospital, Dongguan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dongguan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Dongguan No.3 Hospital, Dongguan No.5 Hospital, Dongguan No.6 Hospital, Dongguan No.7 Hospital, Dongguan No.8 Hospital, Dongguan No.9 Hospital, Houjie Hospital, Dongguan Donghua Hospital and Dongguan Kanghua Hospital.

The above twelve are forgoers, and according to the regulation, all medical institutions at all levels should stop intravenous injections for outpatients by December 31, 2018.

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