The rise in Dongguan’s local dessert trend

It seems there are some clear differences between Chinese and western desserts and dessert lovers; for a start, we all know that local desserts are much less sweet than the

New Initiatives for HQ In Dongguan

The “factory of the world” is now offering incentives for companies to set up headquarters in the city. From financial rewards to land and office space, the Dongguan government hopes

Chang’an Naan: Taj Mahal (Chang’an)

Most readers will probably have heard of Chang’an town, way down on Dongguan’s southern border with Shenzhen. For those that haven’t, it is actually one of the more modern and


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Boundless Beer & More: Ziggy’s (Chang’an)

With a full American vibe, stepping into Ziggy’s you can really feel the personality about the place. For a small venue, it certainly packs a whole lot of soul. Iconic

One Last Recap on Teaching

It has been two years since Warrick started writing this column, and just like everything does, it has run its course. Before we say goodbye, here are his last points

The Bread-Basket Of China

This month’s weekender takes us deep into the heart of the middle kingdom for an insight into a province with over three thousand years of recorded history. Literally meaning “south

English Fizz, Yes Please

It would have seemed laughable a decade ago, but England’s sparkling wines are now challenging champagne for quality, and commanding prices to match. In the summer of 2018, this column

Get ready for the new term

The transition between the summer break and returning to school is not always the easiest for families. Check out our Walk-a-Thon and bring your family closer together while meeting other

GoVegan! Products

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