Yoga for all in Dongguan

On June 30, the second International Yoga Day event took place in Dongguan. The occasion was supported by The Indian Consulate General Guangzhou and coordinated by the Dongguan Indian community and Dongguan NanBo Youth Art Training Center.

It was a free-entry event for people at all levels, welcoming all to try out the activities, fun and shows whether new or familiar. Attendees enjoyed yoga classes with different styles and focuses. Besides that, there were Indian dance performances, food stalls and plenty more to get involved with. Yoga symbolizes the union of mind and body, thought and action, restraint and fulfillment.

“This event happens almost in every part of the world to remember and celebrate yoga,” said Jaffar Sadiq, the chief organizer of this event. He added, “It is very important, and helps keep you fit and healthy. It also maintains a flexible body, gives you a good shape and really helps to reduce and prevent stress.”

Jaffar also mentioned the popularity of yoga in the Dongguan community: “There are so many yoga centers now available in Dongguan and almost all the fitness centers we come across are offering regular yoga classes. It seems many Chinese girls and women are really loving doing yoga on a daily basis.”

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