Wear or Where?

From China to the UK, the Sea Turtle discusses her experiences with fashion. From Royal Ascot’s hat-wearing traditions to ridiculously low-priced t-shirts, from classic to casual, UK fashion at its finest is revealed.

London is known for being a popular place for fashion. Fashion concepts are always “fickle” for most people. But in my opinion, British people identify their fashion as “classic.” Britain’s best example of classic fashion is the annual Royal Ascot. The organizing committee will develop very detailed and strict dress codes, which have become a highlight of this renowned event.

Men’s suits need to be paired with suit vests and ties. The pants should be long enough to reach the ankle. The jacket should be matched with the trousers in the same color. The length of the lady’s skirt must be over the knee. But these are not so important, the most noteworthy and expected part of this event is the funny hats worn by the ladies. The design of these hats is very interesting, even exaggerated, and particularly eye-catching.

Whereas in China, when attending formal occasions, the Chinese will wear more lavish and decent clothes to show their respect, but they will not formulate such strict dress codes as the British do. Therefore, we can always see that when we participate in formal activities in China, everyone wears clothes with their own characteristics, which displays something different.

The most noteworthy and expected part of this event is the funny hats worn by the ladies.

The unique dress code culture in the UK reflects the importance of the British etiquette and manner. On the other hand, it also creates a stereotype. In most Chinese impressions, the British usually wear suits and hats, which is very formal. Indeed, on formal occasions, such as the Royal Ascot, the British will strictly follow the dress code. However, in daily life, they usually wear clothes that are very casual in style. From my own point of view, I think the clothes that are most popular in the UK are hooded sweaters and wind coats. Have you heard about British weather?

As we all know, the UK often rains. It is inconvenient to bring an umbrella everywhere. Many young people choose to go out without an umbrella but wear a hooded sweater instead. When it’s raining, they can use the hood to protect their heads. Also because of the climate, there are many clothes in the UK that use waterproof fabrics.

In winter, the British wind blows violently. So, wind coats are also an indispensable clothing item in the British wardrobe. Also, British coat designs are very classic. Especially the most famous brand Burberry’s design, which is also known to many Chinese people. My dream is to buy a Burberry wind coat in the future. Unfortunately, I am still only a student after all, and I have to consider buying more affordable clothes. The UK’s high street brands have become my best choice.

When we talk about the high street brands in the UK, the first impression is affordable price and trendy items. The use of materials with these brands is not as good as luxury brands of course, but that can be ignored because of the low price and decent design. For me, the most impressive British high street brand is Primark, and the price of their items is amazingly cheap. Don’t think that all foreign prices are extremely expensive. Many of Primark’s products are cheaper than China’s, actually. Of course, not all stores offer clothing this inexpensive though. A dress can be as low as 18 GBP, and a shirt can be as low as 4 GBP. Every time I walk in a Primark, I will always say something along the lines of, “God, how can it be cheap like that?”

Because people can buy very fashionable clothes at cheap prices, there are many fashionable people on the streets of Britain. Every time I walk the streets in London, it seems that I am watching some kind of fashion show. If you are interested in fashion, be sure to come to London to experience a different fashion atmosphere!