Nonstop Train to Xiamen

Attention Dongguaners! The new high-speed train from Dongguan to Xiamen taking less than five hours is now available, as from July 1. Now at your ease and convenience, traveling to Xiamen really couldn’t be easier.

Trains G1607/G1610 from Guangzhou South Station to Fuzhou Station and G1609/G1608 from Fuzhou Station to Guangzhou South Station will pass through Humen Station. Trains D2381/D2384 from Guangzhou East Station to Xiamen Station and D2383 from Xiamen Station to Guangzhou East Station will pass through Dongguan Station in Shilong.

Dongguaners who depart from Dongguan station at 1 pm will arrive swiftly at Xiamen Station at 17:42, taking only 4 hours and 42 minutes with the first-class seating price at 343.5 RMB and second-class seating price at 255.5 RMB—not bad at all to go all that way, while avoiding traffic. Find something to do in those five hours whether it’s chatting with friends during the journey, dusting off the Kindle or catching up on work—and you’re all set.

Now, Xiamen could be another great spot for your weekend break. Why not ask your friends or your partner and book a long weekend away? Go on, you deserve it. Train tickets are available for booking on WeChat, Ali Pay and

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