European Business In China

On June 29 at the Hilton Shenzhen, Shekou Nanhai, the European Business in China’s Business Confidence Survey 2018 was launched successfully.

This year’s Business Confidence Survey highlighted an emerging contradiction: China’s increasingly sophisticated economy stands in stark contrast to its highly burdensome regulatory environment. It was a great opportunity for attendees to learn about the findings of this year’s survey, as well as the key challenges and the business perspective from the South China members’ point of view. China’s rising middle-class has seen an increase in the appetite for high quality goods and services which partially accounts for more European companies reporting positive financial results; while competition from Chinese businesses—mostly of which were scored as equally, or more innovative than EU companies for the first time—drove market efficiency.

The European Chamber’s Business Confidence Survey 2018 reveals that doing business became more challenging over the past year due to longstanding regulatory barriers, market access restrictions and unequal treatment. New challenges are also on the horizon. European companies must now compete with Chinese firms that are more innovative than ever before. Yet they have remained resilient, delivering strong financial results for the second year running.


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