Business or Pleasure: Carmen Bar at the Pullman

The Pullman Dongguan Forum is already well known across town for its professional and stylish interior, as well as its restaurants and services. Have you tried their bar though? Carmen Bar is a separate entity in itself, not just your typical hotel bar.

Once you enter through their main gates, you can park your car and aim left to where their Japanese restaurant stands on the first floor. From there, take the elevator two floors down and as you come out, you immediately see their KTV as well as the entrance to Carmen Bar. Now, as we walked into the bar itself I was instantly struck by the sheer size, cool factor and cleanliness all around me—yes, the place is huge and complete with a square-shaped bar just off-center, decorated with a vast array of alcoholic beverages. Two proper pool tables (with fresh green flint on the surface for an undisturbed game) sat in the left northeast quadrant. On the west side of the bar you have a stage, ready with speakers for both the audience and bands. One really gets the sense they spared no expense. It really has a wow factor.

A professional bartender made our special cocktails in no time at all. We first enjoyed their signature Pullman Cocktail for just 38 RMB a pop—served in a ubiquitous cocktail glass, it was tasty enough to make me want a second. With a salty aftertaste, the piercing red concoction (rum and their own special mix, I was told) was delicious. We ordered their Pousse-café shooters next. A multicolored shot with seven different layers is certainly appealing to the eye. I topped that off with their Blue Monday at 42 RMB; smooth and sexy, it’s a coconut-based cocktail mixed with triple sec and vodka.

They also serve a “Red Eyes,” for those who had a big one the night before, and I simply had to try it out. It was a shocker, as it should be, mind you, with beer and tomato and watermelon mixed together.

The good news is that during their happy hour, cocktails are half price, so make sure you pop in between 5 pm and 8 pm (daily) if you want to experience this joy of a bar. Oh, and for soccer fans, they have three TVs in the bar as well as a big screen; even more of a reason to head on down.

Address: No.32, Dongcheng Zhong Road, Dongcheng District

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