A Unique Experience For Your Kids

Have you ever thought about your children trying out modeling? The Dongguan Cup 2018 Supermodel for Children might be a great chance for them to experience something unique.

Dongguan Cup 2018 Supermodel for Children is a model contest for domestic and foreign kids from 3 to 16 years old. It’s a combination of fashion and Dongguan manufacturing culture—to promote Dongguan culture in a special way. The final winners will become brand spokespersons for local clothing brands. It’s okay if your kids have no experience of catwalk or modeling. Professional judges including fashion designers and experienced models, etc. will lead and train them little by little. To wear diverse makeup, dress up in something different from school uniforms, do the catwalk confidently in front of plenty of people—it might be the only time in your child’s life to have an enjoyable and character-building experience like this.

Around 700 registrations were accepted within a short space of time after the launch. Depending on age and area, kids will be divided into infancy group (age 3-7), children group (age 8-11) and adolescent group (age 12–16) with auditions starting from July 7 to 21 in different areas of Dongguan. The international session (for kids who have at least one foreign parent) will be held on July 14, organized by HERE! at the Civil Art Center.

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