A sweet weekend this July

Pencil July 20 to 22 in your calendar with pink marker because the 3rd Dessert Festival in Dongguan, uniting local vendors, will take place during this time at Dynacity Shopping Center.

There is no doubt that the dessert festival is a carnival for foodies to enjoy various kinds of sweet treats in one go. This year, 14 dessert brands with thousands of desserts are going to tantalize our taste buds. Besides desserts, there will be 10 cultural creativity brands with their unique creations as well as a photo-taking area with characteristic props, and a movie-viewing area—promising to leave you with a sweet aftertaste. Have some desserts, take a few photos, watch a movie for a while—what a day!

Around 60,000 people attended the first Dessert Festival and around 100,000 people attended the following, showing the great success that dessert culture has brought to Dongguan.

“We had a lot of inadequacy at previous dessert festivals, and we hope to consummate that. We would like to try our best to bring Dongguaners a more trendy, more fun festival.” said Xiao Lu, one of the staff members from Da La Ba, the main organizer; she continued, “Dessert is the only point of our previous dessert festivals—this year, we want to focus on our quality by gathering all those good brands.”

The ticket package is 80 RMB for all activities. Individual tickets for the photo-taking area will be 60 RMB/person and 80 RMB/two people.

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