A Batou landmark is closing

As we know, all good things come to an end. Sadly, there is no exception for one of our most popular bars, the Treehouse. Co-founder of the Treehouse and latest project Grateful Q, David Kundelius (aka The Boognish), commented, “After two and a half years and some unforgettable parties, concerts, turtle races, BBQs, foam pool parties and weddings, the Treehouse has run its course and has closed. The owners and staff would like to thank everyone who helped it to become what it was.”

Well, we’re quite sure on behalf of the Dongguan community it’s fair to say we would like to thank everyone at the Treehouse who gave us a unique space for meeting new people, watching live music, hosting our parties, sharing our art and so much more. This place certainly was the highlight of Batou. We all have our own special memories of the bar that each time we went, was so hard to leave and after checking the photos in the Treehouse WeChat group, these were brought back to life.

Remember the first pool party there last year? That was one of the best times at the Treehouse as we recall. From those mammoth BBQ servings to hippy paraphernalia to the relaxed outdoor vibe, the Batou gem will be missed. However, there could be good news on the horizon… David added: “Keep your eyes open for a new ‘Treehouse’ as the creativity never stops.”

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