Three In One International Prom

On June 2, QSI School of Dongguan, TLC International School and ISD came together for the first ever Dongguan international school joint prom at Cruise Bar in Kande International Hotel. It’s the first time in school history that QSI, TLC and ISD experienced a joint prom. Vera Lei, the Vice president of ISD’s student council explained the reason behind the union:

“We think it was a great bonding opportunity for the students of Dongguan’s international schools; we see this as an important step forward to a more unified community of international students.” She continued, “Since the students from three schools were already friendly, we thought it would be a great idea for us to collaborate on a special end-of-year event.”

The whole process including decoration, music, dance, MC and so on were all decided by three student governments. Uniquely, it’s totally a prom for and by students. Parents were not invited while some teachers were there to act as chaperones. And in true prom fashion, prom king and queen were selected. “Before each school had their own prom, so students didn’t have much chance to get to know other people from different schools,” said Elainey Yang, The President of TLC Student Government. At this spectacular prom, students from the three schools joined the party with their plus ones. Elainey added, “This is a good way to let students meet for better communication. Also having one huge prom is better than having three.”

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