The Love Train

23 couples took Dongguan Metro Line 2’s special “Love Train” as their wedding transportation to their wedding ceremony on May 20.

May 20 is pronounced similar to “I love you” in Mandarin, therefore, many couples will choose to have their wedding ceremony on this day. Coincidentally, it was also the second anniversary of the opening of Dongguan Metro Line 2. Good things happen in pairs! DG Metro Line 2 organized this joint wedding celebration.

The “Love Train” was decorated with Chinese traditional paper-cut, heart-shaped stickers on the wall and floor. You could see the auspicious color red everywhere once you stepped on the train. By the metro, all couples started off hand in hand from Hongfu Road Station, with the company of their families, friends, relatives and metro staff, to the wedding venue, which was Houjie’s Famous Furniture Expo Garden.

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