DG’s Litchi going strong

According to the preliminary forecast from the agricultural department, this year will be a great harvest year for Dongguan Litchi. The total output should be 18,000 to 22,000 tons, about six to seven times more than last year. Regardless of variety, quality or quantity, this is a very good thing for Dongguan.

The first type of Dongguan Litchi you will see around will be Fei Zi Xiao, the kind of Litchi with thick flesh. Following this, popular varieties Nuo Mi Ci and Gui Wei will arrive during late June.

Dongguan Litchi are now accessible by the globe via the internet. Even studying or working abroad, Chinese people can still have Litchi if they require a cure for homesickness, by ordering them online! However, for those of you who enjoy the agricultureal aspect, the ideal spots to pick Litchi by yourselves include Dalingshan, Dalang, Houjie and Zhangmutou.

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