Bai Sui Pai

“Bai Sui Pai” literally means “one-hundred-year-old plate,” which is actually not a “plate” but a set of handmade items that grandmothers usually give as gifts to grandchildren, when they reach 100 days old. Traditionally, this has an auspicious meaning for good health and a long life. Bai Sui Pai became a part of the municipal intangible cultural heritage in 2015.

Acquiring cloths to make Bai Sui Pai doesn’t mean buying them but instead asking various families, which means the child can receive best wishes from different families donating their cloths. Grandmothers would need to cut them into triangle-shapes, before sewing the cloths into a square. This would be repeated plenty of times to create a complete piece of material. Normally, a set of Bai Sui Pai will take three or more months with the grandmother’s patience and superb craftsmanship.

There are six items in a set of Bai Sui Pai including two bib brands, a baby wrap cloth carrier, an apron, hat and a blanket. In the end, the creation is to be colorful with many pieces of cloth from different sources. However because of the development of sewing techniques and convenience to get different materials, this isn’t so popular now. Nowadays, only a few 80 or 90-year-old local ladies know how to make the Bai Sui Pai. Will it become history soon?

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