Açaí Bowl Appears In Dongguan

Delicious and light, the Açaí Bowl is a bowl of smoothie base made by the superfood, Açaí berries (sometimes other fruit), coconut milk, etc., covered with various kinds of fruits and toppings.

The fruit “Açaí” is named as “Purple Pearl” because of its enormous efficacy including anti-oxidation, known for helping to fight cancerous cells, reducing cholesterol and so on. So don’t worry about the calories when you see an Açaí Bowl looking like a dessert, as it’s certainly made with fine and healthy ingredients. Furthermore, these wholesome bowls ensure fullness and satisfaction, with the likes of chia seeds, hemp seeds, quinoa, collard and so on, promising to nourish your stomach. These tasty treats contain your days’ worth of dietary fiber too. And with its cool temperature and sweet notes, perhaps this is a healthier alternative to ice cream? The Açaí Bowl sounds great for this summer.

Bowl’D is the first shop that has brought the ingenious superfood dish to Dongguan. Seven styles are on their menu right now while new innovation is on its way. With a focus on fresh produce, all ingredients are imported and organic. Standard smoothies and juices are also available.

Open Hours: 11 am to 10 pm
Location: Bowl’D, No. 120, Building No.1, Jin Yu Hua Ting, No. 228, Dongcheng Rd. Dongcheng 东城路228号金域华庭1座120号