A Toast to the Toastmasters

Dongguan English Toastmasters Club embraced their second anniversary on May 6 with more than 60 people having attended.

It was a great celebration with food, drinks, dancing and sharing, as well as a reward ceremony. Philip, DGETMC’s Second President delivered a speech on communication with his practical skills. Kate, Division E Director, shared how Toastmasters accelerates her personal growth; Linda, DGETMC’s First President, showed how to be contagious through non-verbal expression, emotion and attitudes; Ken Seng demonstrated how to be a drama king or queen in amateur dramatics through impromptu speeches.

“I practiced my public speaking skills, and learned leadership and communication here,” said Charlene, one of the members of the DGETMC.

Toastmasters believe that practice makes perfect, so they continue to speak, give feedback and learn. During the gathering which takes place every Sunday from 6 to 8 pm, they engage in the club introduction, table topic, prepared speech and evaluation.

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