Paws For A Cause Strikes Again

May 27 will see another adoption and fundraising event hosted by Paws For A Cause, supporting local animal shelters. The event will be held at Dog Dad’s Pet Club with a large field for all your pets to run around in, not to mention a swimming pool to ensure they have lots of fun. For pet parents, there will be food and drinks on sale and a raffle for prizes. This will certainly be the ideal day for families, kids, pets and animal lovers to unite for a great cause whilst raising awareness and funds for pet adoptions. A large bus going to the event will leave Corner’s Deli Dongcheng at 1:30 pm so be on the lookout on WeChat for tickets.

Silvana Luiz, involved with the organization, commented “These events mean a great deal to us. It’s so satisfying when you take a small step and many others around you are influenced by it. Besides raising more funds to help with urgent cases, we also want to make people more aware of this issue and to become more responsible. Abandoned pets are out there because we put them there.” She added: “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that dog it will change its world forever.”

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