China Slashes Tax Rates

The tax reform means cuts to vat in China are currently taking place, benefitting eligible businesses in several different ways. China will cut value-added tax (VAT) rates for businesses in


MAY 1-31 PULLMAN DONGGUAN FORUM L’ESCALE WESTERN RESTAURANT Monday Surprise Buffet Dinner One surprise course will be served during the buffet dinner with the same price. 298 RMB/adult, 168 RMB/child.

A Mexican Fiesta at Al Chile

Cinco De Mayo (5th of May) was marked with crazy, fun parties at a few Dongguan locations on Saturday. Unfortunately, the PartyHERE! photographer had time for only one of these

DG Dragons Little League Launched

The anticipated DG Dragons baseball little league was launched at the beautiful ISD field on Saturday, May 5th. After the ceremony that was conducted by Jim Mann and his Dragons’

BIG+ Opening Day Extravaganza

Last Saturday, May 5, saw the grand opening of BIG+ Equation Creative Valley, by the real estate giant Country Garden, in Nancheng. The event was full of fun activities, shopping

DG Ultimate Frisbee League / Week 3

Last Thursday night’s rain was no obstacle to the fierce players of the DG Ultimate Frisbee League as the season’s action continued. Despite the gap in scores, each point and

New Payment At Public Bus

Recently, 1,000 public buses completed the refitting of card readers to operate the scan function—civilians can now pay by scanning the QR code on their phones, which also means you

Goodbye, Charcoal BBQ

The outdoor barbecue is now not allowed at the administrative districts of Dongguan because those areas are designated as the ban-high-polluting-fuel-areas. On April 12, the Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau issued

25% Tariff Only For Americans

A local tourist attraction posted a notice that they will charge Americans 25% more for tickets, claiming that as the “tariff.” Naturally this action caused a stir online, with some

Local Tigers Disappoint Again

Starting from March 3, the 2017 – 2018 China Men’s Basketball League (CBA) Playoffs came to an end on April 22. Sadly, our local Guangdong Tigers Basketball Team finalized their