Dongguan’s First Vape Shop

LOCK VAPE was the first local brand promoting vape culture in Dongguan. It’s all about the interest to start with—the owner, Rock and his partners, Siufay and Saskia are all

Body Repatriation

What happens when a foreigner dies here in China? It’s certainly something that we never really talk about, however it’s also interesting to know. Recently, a friend asked me a

Positive vs Negative in Class

When it comes to reinforcing behavior in the classroom, teachers all have their own techniques. But the debate is real, which works? Positive or negative? A few weeks ago, on

Colonial Legacy On The South

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Hong Kong can offer plenty of reasons to visit and spend time there. And what’s more, living in Dongguan means

Where On Earth Is Fulan?

Pronunciation is a key part of learning any language. Julie Axelsson speaks of her recent findings with dialectical pronunciation differences and what to do if a mishap takes place. Talking

A True Teacher Talks

With his own language training center and Youtube channel, Fernando Munoz discovered what it means to define yourself as a teacher. Fernando Munoz first landed in Shanghai during late 2000

Making Dongguan Beautiful Again

After a few months break due to scheduling difficulties, the beautiful team making Dongguan beautiful again is back in action. On Sunday, May 13, a group of people who obviously

A Delicious Afternoon at Tapas Contest

Feria De Sevilla, a Spanish party and Tapas competition, was held at the recently opened Hollywood Tapas on Sunday afternoon. Eight participants signed up for the contest and prepared their

DGUYA Frisbee Demo Classes

Dongguan Ultimate Frisbee Academy classes continued last Saturday with our regular morning class at Soccer World followed by a birthday party at BBQ factory in guancheng. We are currently signing

Sun Yat-sen’s Home in DG

Sun Yat-sen’s ancestors lived in Dongguan centuries ago—their genealogy helps to give Dongguan even more meaning. Sun’s early ancestors all lived in Shangsha village, Chang’an, Dongguan. They referred to Shangsha