Nexus of Dongguan: PS Bar

It’s new, it’s hot and it’s happening and sporting some of the most unique and interesting cocktail concoctions I’ve had in a long time. Imagine that series of varying spirits that we’ve all seen strikingly donning the cupboards and walls in every bar we’ve ever known, but then, sneakily and surprisingly, stylishly blended into an unassuming Chinese teapot, served in small traditional teacups, given to you with enticing smiles from some of the warmest and well-trained staff you have ever met. Then, friends and HERE! fans, you know you’re in PS Bar.

Served before me was an exciting cocktail the staff coined as “Dongguan’s Chinese Kiss.” This is now where we should insert that drool emoji, because it is undeniably applicable if you like that sweet-and-sultry vibe. The drink mirrored the ambience within the bar, that’s for sure.

The hosts were great too—Ms P. and Mr He. They are also the owners. They aimed to create a place where friends can have fun, people can meet and everyone can generally have a good time in a chic and relaxed atmosphere. They certainly achieved this in more ways than one. Now, being used to bar counters stretching from one end to other or even circular ones, I was particularly intrigued when I saw theirs: a triangular one. Not only that, but having been in Dongguan for a while and knowing the streets in the area where the bar is, the thought immediately came to me—doesn’t each leg of this bar counter face the nearby towns of Dongcheng, Nancheng and Guancheng? I asked and all of us instantly took out our maps, GPS’s and compass apps and lo and behold—PS Bar is the perfect nexus of where the three towns meet. How peculiar is that?

A place like this is unique and special with something inexplicably enticing in the air, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I enjoyed it. And I think you will too. Was it that brilliant third Apple Sour-like cocktail? Was it the people? Was it the layout? Was it the secret door that looks like the outside wall? All I know at the time of writing this is that allure has a new address in town. Go there. See it. Be it. You won’t be disappointed.

Address: Shop No. 27, 1F, district G, Hui Feng Zhong Xin, Hui Feng Rd, Guancheng (next to 21 Art Space Museum)

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