New Subsidy Policy Program

The “Dongguan Foreign Trade Upgrading Support Center” program is running at Zhong Tian Lian Feng Creative Valley—meaning that start-up companies from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan stationed in the valley can receive support from this program in different ways. Support includes free admission to the joint-office area, free consulting services about industrial and commercial finance policy, rental discount, etc. When being asked the main concept of this program, the operation manager Lily Lai responded:

“To reinforce the integration between Dongguan and Hong Kong (/Macao/Taiwan) with the great atmosphere of The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.”

So far, Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan own plenty of world-leading scientific research achievements, but it’s difficult to transform them locally—there can be issues with weak industries being an obstacle on the journey of a start-up company. And Dongguan happens to be so close to these places that have the abundant advantages of the industry, that it makes sense to utilize the new policy. This could greatly transform technological innovation into technological productivity. This program aims to encourage the youth generation from both sides to cooperate with each other, using their own advantage to fill others’ disadvantage—together chasing for a win-win situation.

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