Join Beautiful DG This Spring

A group known as Beautiful Dongguan began about three years ago when the organization founder, Adam Thacker, became tired of seeing so much rubbish in the street near to where he lived. He always complained about it, but one day he decided to actually do something about it. He took action by putting out a WeChat post explaining that he was going to pick up rubbish the following Sunday, and that anyone could join if they wished to. Despite expecting nobody to turn up, inspiringly about 60 people did. This marked the birth of Beautiful Dongguan.

The organization now holds events to clean and preserve our lovely city regularly on Sundays, with different choices of location. Each time, those involved pick up litter whilst coming together to enjoy the fresh air and do something worthwhile for our community. Why not try something different? Get involved and join the team on Sunday May 5 to be a part of something great. Adam told us, “We bring pickers, gloves and bags. Many children join and enjoy it and we often buy them ice cream after. Everyone feels fantastic after doing something good for Dongguan and it’s great to teach our kids the importance of being good stewards for our environment.

To join Beautiful Dongguan, scan the QR code.

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