Dongguan’s First Vape Shop

LOCK VAPE was the first local brand promoting vape culture in Dongguan. It’s all about the interest to start with—the owner, Rock and his partners, Siufay and Saskia are all vape aficionados. When they realized there was no place in Dongguan to vape and hang out, they decided to open a shop. Believing that many people would encourage and enjoy the expansion of vape culture, they opened LOCK VAPE at Yujing Walking Street (Yong Hua Ting), selling import vapes and e-liquid as well as promoting vape culture. Three years on from the first shop in 2015, they now also have a few branches in Houjie, Dalang, etc.

More than just an alternative to smoking cigarettes, vapes now play different roles within the community such as collection, handcraft, performance props and so on. Some people collect different kinds/brands/colors of vape, some people “DIY” them with different elements; some create new flavors by mixing various kinds of e-liquid; some perform with smoke rings in all kinds of ways, creating dramatic visual effects. Even if vaping is new to you, everyone can find their place at LOCK VAPE.

Location: LOCK VAPE, No. 108, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng 东城hww愉景步行街108号,洛克蒸汽烟