Whiskey Heaven at 33 Town: Tang Chao Whiskey Bar

“How should one drink one’s whiskey?” is a question most would ask and several would contemplate a variety of answers to, whereas this writer’s contention—whether at a barbeque, bar or at home—insists a simple “any way you like it” reply. I do personally prefer to steer away from all the ice though. But that’s me. One thing’s for sure, however you drink yours, you should go and try it out at Tang Chao Whiskey Bar.

Compellingly, they forgo the shopping mall craze where most would try to situate themselves in that vicinity and instead deliver an urban experience of an upscale whiskey bar, where they have comfortably nestled themselves between growing housing neighborhoods. Once you arrive, a few loose standing lights guide your way along a stone path that leads to the door. Once inside, the first thing you spot are rows and rows of wine and whiskey, displayed with a halo of amber light dancing around each bottle. Temptation becomes your friend in moments like these.

I was showed around by both the head barman and manager, where they took me first to a back room, sporting leather sofas, the ubiquitous bookshelf, soft lighting and serene music. One definitely gets the sense of CEOs and other leaders in this room. Then, after revealing the wide array of wines, whiskeys and other liquor, I noticed how one shelf had bottles with people’s names stuck on them, sat right next to a huge piece of Spanish lamb. Yes, their customers buy, and what they want to keep “in storage” for the next time, they make sure they claim.

Tang Chao Whiskey Bar has a very quaint, stylish open area with the ceiling entirely made up of bottles—this feature struck me the most, but I was assured that it can’t fall down. You may feel like you want to move your chair, but after the right cocktail or whiskey, you’ll almost forget the presence of numerous bottles hanging above your head. Besides, they make for an aesthetically pleasing feature.

The barmen have been properly trained and pride themselves on their creations. With a splendid selection of drinks and some other surprises I’ll let you find out for yourself—and prices that are, given the quality, more than reasonable, Tang Chao Whiskey Bar is an absolute must. Enjoy!

Address: Diagonal corner of the investment center of 33 Town, Gongye Rd, Wu Shi Gang
棠朝, 乌石岗工业路33小镇招商中心斜对面

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