Ready, Aim, Fire!

Celebrated for over 400 years now, Labor Selling Festival—aka the “Dongkeng water splashing festival”—comprises an immense gathering of locals, literally in the thousands, aiming fire at each other with their water guns. As HERE! attended this huge water fight in the town of Dongkeng on March 18, we enjoyed a fun action-packed day, whilst getting soaked by numerous attackers. Some were sneaky and hung back on their balconies whilst tipping buckets of water over pedestrians below, which admittedly was rather hilarious to see. Others strutted around armed and with their teams, ready to squirt their oncoming opponents. A few stood back and enjoyed the show without getting too wet.

A funny fact about the annual tradition is that some locals actually believe that splashing water on someone will bring them good luck. This means that perhaps they have good intentions after all! Hmm. We’re not so sure after being annihilated by so many people. Commenting on the event, our photographer Ched, said: “It was a great day, there were so many people involved and plenty of photographing opportunities. It was quite funny when everyone decided to attack our team and it just went crazy all at once. My camera suffered a little but it was worth it!”

So, for next year, we will make sure that you are reminded exactly when and where the water fight is, and all you have to do is get yourself some weapons and be there!

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