PartyHERE! 3rd Stand Up Comedy

After building anticipation for weeks, the 3rd Stand Up Comedy event by PartyHERE! was held last night at Cruise Bar at Kande Hotel in Nancheng. Although the show started a bit later than expected, due to the comics being stuck in traffic from SZ, nobody seemed to care too much as drinks were flowing and guests were meeting new people and chilling out at the beautiful venue.

The performance included funnymen Mr. Ryan as host (from SZN Comedy), Linus Leas, Troy Lewis and Pete Grella as supporting acts, and Garron Chiu as headliner. There were a lot of laughs about foreigners living in China, as well as about the cultural differences we all-Chinese and expats-face during our daily lives.

Later on the party continued at Dongcheng’s Grateful Q with more good times and opportunities to mingle with the comedians from the show.

PartyHERE! thank all of you for once again joining us to hang out and enjoy our event!