DVORÁ Fashion Show at Liberty Brewing Co

Dvorá has revealed its latest fashion collection by Adriana with a stunning fashion show, including a catwalk with beautiful ladies from the Dongguan community, yesterday (Saturday) in Dongcheng. The event

Adeus, Boteco Brasil

The first ever authentic Brazilian restaurant in Dongguan—Boteco Brasil closed on March 13, 2018. Definitely a huge pity for the Dongguan community. With a history of around ten years, Boteco

Best Toilet City

Did you know that Dongguan ranks No.1 on the “City Open Toilet Coverage List” of the “Toilet Navigation System Big Data Analysis Report?” This means that Dongguan landed 1st place

He Who Dances Wins

The “Inter-School Dance Battle League” is an annual event among different dancing groups in Dongguan schools with the theme zhanshu, literally meaning a “challenge letter.” The first round of the

Are You Brave Enough?

Yin Xian Resort (Changping) recently unveiled a glass bridge with 3D cracking effect, which has attracted plenty of Dongguaners to challenge themselves. When stepping on it, the glass simulates the

Learning, Fast and Slow

Whether you’re a fast learner or a slow learner, you have to do what’s right for you if you want to become fluent in Mandarin. slow & steady is just

What to see in Guangxi

Welcome to “The Weekender!” offering suggestions for that cheeky weekend away on a reasonable budget. after all, we are in the prime position to see a few new places around.

Being Squeezed Out

Supply and demand. The economic theory goes that when the supply of a certain product or service increases, its price, if all other things remain equal, decreases. I received a

Whiskey Heaven at 33 Town: Tang Chao Whiskey Bar

“How should one drink one’s whiskey?” is a question most would ask and several would contemplate a variety of answers to, whereas this writer’s contention—whether at a barbeque, bar or

New on the block: Bonacasa Houjie

A new addition to Houjie’s Italian restaurant community has arrived in the form of Bonacasa. In my opinion, if you are going to compete in such a competitive industry, you