Smoke & Honey: Whisky Pairing at Grateful Q

In a rather random order, the Whisky Faithful of Dongguan transported themselves first to Islay for Ardbeg 10 and Laphroaig 10, both with seafood bites, then to Speyside for Aberlour

Atypical at Heart: Uniquely Crafting Dongguan

Why atypical? Well, there aren’t many of them. Artisans that is, crafting their way through our community with their artistic and ingenious minds and hearts. There are very few expats


On March 25, Wanda Vista Dongguan Hotel hosted an impressing wedding show by skillfully arranging the Western and Eastern styles on the same stage. When the pure-white western wedding dress


APRIL 1-30 ALOFT DONGGUAN SONGSHAN LAKE NOOK RESTAURANT Party Arrangement Wedding/Birthday/Full Monthly Baby/Family Party are all acceptable. Western barbeque buffet or Chinese menu from 168 to 228 RMB can be

How To Spot Fake Wine

A fascinating dark art, wine fraud has offered plenty of true-crime excitement & gotcha! Moments over the years. Meet the world’s greatest ever faker, some nasty chemicals and a few

Academic vs Athletic

In China, it means everything to be well-educated. Academics are given prestige, opportunities & praise. In the U.S., the same view is shared regarding sports. Athletes and academics are not

Beijing Attracts Foreign Talent

Beijing now offers new incentives such as China’s green card and more to attract only the best foreign experts to innovative Zhongguancun science park. Beijing has announced new visa, residency,

DG Broke A Guinness Record

Dongguan’s “Ten Thousand People Feast” was declared as a Guinness World Record after seeing more than 30,000 people dining at the same time. What an impressive feat for our beloved

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Celebrated for over 400 years now, Labor Selling Festival—aka the “Dongkeng water splashing festival”—comprises an immense gathering of locals, literally in the thousands, aiming fire at each other with their

A Global Project Hits SZ

Fascinatingly, a truly bilingual and global private schooling system with a whole new concept is currently in the making. As HERE! attended an event and press launch about the unveiling