He Who Dances Wins

The “Inter-School Dance Battle League” is an annual event among different dancing groups in Dongguan schools with the theme zhanshu, literally meaning a “challenge letter.” The first round of the 2018 Inter-School Dance Battle League began on March 17 with other rounds on the way. For the league, one school team can send a challenge letter to its challenge object by the organization—Puzzle Art Workshop, who will arrange the battle soon after.

Between the first league during 2015 and this year, different elements have been switched and modified. In 2015 an allowance was made for professional or amateur dancers outside of school to join in the community; and the final battle of 2017 landed in a supermall, which impressively attracted about 2,000 people. This year, the dance battle combines with “caiqing,” an item in Chinese traditional Lion Dance. The top three teams will receive gold belts, medals and cash prizes, all great incentives for the dancers to look forward to. “I would like to build up this event into a platform which merges with culture and the commercial side of things,” said Jason Zhang, the owner of Puzzle and founder of this event. “The business sponsor can reduce dancers’ entry fees, and prepare dancing talent for business in the future,” he added “Meanwhile, I hope dancers at different stages can help each other.”

PartyHERE! is the co-organizer on this year’s battle. Follow PartyHERE!’s WeChat account for more updated information of this rousing dance show.

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