DG Broke A Guinness Record

Dongguan’s “Ten Thousand People Feast” was declared as a Guinness World Record after seeing more than 30,000 people dining at the same time. What an impressive feat for our beloved city!

The feast was held at Dabu, village Machong Town with around 3,800 tables on March 6. People who attended the meal received a notable sticker that reads “Guinness World Record Challenger.”

The feast is an annual tradition of the Dabu parade, originating from the ancient military who used to dine together for meals. It combines with the Dabu parade, merging into an event which villagers celebrate by gathering with families, relatives and friends.

As the scale of attendees was becoming more colossal each year, Dabu village applied for the world record with great confidence—last year, the number of dining tables reached an impressive 2,100.

As required, every 50 challengers need to be equipped with a supervisor. For this feast, 760 supervisors were onsite to manage the rowdy crowds of Dongguaners and those alike. Can you imagine seeing or being around so many people at the same time?

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