Are You Brave Enough?

Yin Xian Resort (Changping) recently unveiled a glass bridge with 3D cracking effect, which has attracted plenty of Dongguaners to challenge themselves. When stepping on it, the glass simulates the cracking with very realistic sound effects. What an impact! Furthermore, the glass bridge appears with rainbow colors and various kinds of 3D effects at night. This is the only glass bridge with nightly 3D effects in Dongguan. Offering a great thrill, the bridge sits at a height of 92 meters. Automotive grade film glass makes up the structure—with thickness reaching to 35mm, meaning it can withstand 4.7 tons per square. Jumping, running and rolling are all acceptable! 1,200 people can be supported at the same time—and with the length of 286 meters, it’s been titled the longest 3D glass bridge in Guangdong province. It’s also the only glass bridge with an escalator in Guangdong.

After the soft opening in February, many people have tried it out. Some sat down and held onto a friend’s leg; some grabbed the handrail tightly; while others walked the same as they would on a pavement and jumped for joy—most of them all busy taking selfies of course. With a grand opening on March 25, visitors are welcome from 9 am to 9 pm. It’s recommended to buy tickets for up to 129 RMB by Meituan.

Location: Yin Xian Resort, No.8, Yin Xian Resort Avenue, Li Cheng, Changping 常平镇丽城隐贤山庄大道8号