Adeus, Boteco Brasil

The first ever authentic Brazilian restaurant in Dongguan—Boteco Brasil closed on March 13, 2018. Definitely a huge pity for the Dongguan community.

With a history of around ten years, Boteco Brasil developed along with the Dongguan community. It was located at three sites in different periods, enticing folks with its authentic Brazilian food and consistent sincerity, which made plenty of Brazilians feel at home.

Most of the customers felt shocked when they heard the news. However, when they considered the business situation nowadays—they understood. The owner, Graciele Feiden explained:

“We were thinking to stop the business at the end of the year but one person made a very good offer. However, the new owner’s plan was to start his business ASAP,” she added, “We made the best decision we could and now we can focus on other things.”

We’re sure that many loving and loyal customers of the restaurant will be sad of the news, however be glad of the long period of time in which you enjoyed the food, drinks and shared memories at Boteco Brasil.

In the end, Graciele mentioned, “Everything in life has a beginning, middle and end.” She would like to thank all Boteco Brasil customers for their trust and friendship.

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