A Global Project Hits SZ

Fascinatingly, a truly bilingual and global private schooling system with a whole new concept is currently in the making. As HERE! attended an event and press launch about the unveiling of Whittle School & Studios campuses which will first open in 2019 at Shenzhen and Washington D.C., we discovered a project that seems much more than just a curriculum. Over the past few years, a collaborative team of experts and dedicated people from various countries, cultures and backgrounds have contributed toward the shaping of something that is promised to be very unique.

The company is working on plans in further major cities, and despite the fact that this schooling scheme has been created for the elite, there are also going to be scholarship programs in effect to reach out to those who are gifted but may not be able to make the financial requirements. Foreign language immersion programs will be running at all campuses and there will be a key focus on the personalization of student programs and quality of faculty. Admirably, one of the key focuses on the project is maintaining the idea that great architecture and art also have a positive effect on students’ studying and their mentalities. The chosen architecture allows for lots of natural daylight to come through and open space for everyone to study in a pleasant and encouraging environment. CEO and Education Entrepreneur Chris Whittle, commented: “At the heart of this schooling system of campuses working together, we are bound together by a common cause, culture and curriculum that are difficult for any single campus to acieve.”

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