WCFN Comes To Dongguan

Since the popular Shenzhen-based event known as WCFN (White Collar Fight Night) has begun to expand to different cities throughout China, it’s finally coming to Dongguan on May 19.

WCFN supports One Foundation Charity in all its events through live auction, with quality boxing memorabilia and high-class artwork up for grabs. Dongguan locals, Alan Harper and Steven Dejager fought in the Shenzhen events and have certainly paved the way for our local community to get involved in the action. Registration has now begun for Dongguan’s first ever White Collar Fight Night!

Training sessions led by Alan Harper and corner support are being provided by Complete Fitness gym (Dongcheng), as well as a special Fight Camp package with class prices as low as 75 RMB per session, to prepare businessmen and women for the ring.

Alan Harper told us: “In all my years in China, I’ve never seen an event like WFCN, in the sense that it requires professionalism and class, uniting people from all over to come together in a dignified setting whilst enjoying a great night and giving back to the community. As a fighter and a trainer, I want to say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life. The sense of confidence and empowerment you gain is priceless, regardless of winning or losing.” If you fancy the challenge, contact us at HERE! and we can get you set up for the scheduled event. What have you got to lose?

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