The Heroic Woman Li Fudi

When chastity was challenged by death, legendary Li Fudi chose the former. After the Opium War, the Qing government asked forcibly for more tax from folks to fill the huge economic hole of the opium trade. As time went on—the peasant uprise began. He Liu was one of those rebelling against Qing, leading a team of people who always wore red turbans on their heads, marking the “Red Turban Rebellion.”

In May, 1854, He Liu along with his team captured Dongguan. When they arrived at Hengchong, Zhongtang, Li Fudi was abducted and held hostage on a boat. Attracted by her beauty, a team member begged Li to marry him. She was reluctant to say the least. When he let his guard down, Li choked his neck and pushed him into water, gripping him until they both sank into the depths. When their bodies were found floating a day later, her hands were still locked around his neck.

Her story spread amongst the people, village by village and city by city until today. Even poets wrote great poetry based on this story to honor her bravery and dignity, such as Lai Xuzhou from Shunde, Ju Chao from Panyu, Luo Jiarong from Dongguan, etc.

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