Reaching For Gold

Weight training & muscle gaining is bigger than ever and Fit & strong women are sexy. Global Classic 2017 bikini competitor, Kris Zhang, speaks of her journey from slight to strong and how she realized her dream.

Local Dongguaner, Kris Zhang, competed at the first Global International Invitational Tournament in Guangzhou, in the bikini competitors’ division, and extraordinarily came away with a Global Classic gold award. Around 100 participants were divided into eight groups and Kris won championship of her group. Subsequently, winners were then chosen amongst the group champions, and Kris earned herself second place championship overall in the bikini competition.

“I never dreamt I would become a professional bodybuilding bikini competitor. Most people here don’t really like muscly guys or girls, most Chinese see a lean figure as ideal, even if it’s unhealthy. I always felt like I was too skinny and unhealthy. That was when I began using Instagram and noticing photos of fitness models. I was completely amazed and realized the kind of body I wanted to achieve! I purchased my first membership and started lifting,” Kris told me, with a beaming smile on her face.

“The competition prep was tough. I had to start dieting three months before the competition itself and trained twice a day, sometimes up to four times.”

A popular event in Asia, Global Classic sees competitors from all over the world. The tournament was held by 24 diverse supplement and fitness brands, and since Kris bagged a winning title, she received a well-deserved supplement sponsorship from Mutant–an extremely famous world-wide Canadian brand.

Kris continued, “As time goes by, although you feel pain and discomfort while training, the progress brings happiness. I absolutely love this sport. And if you love it too then you will persist no matter what.”

I questioned our champion on the notion that it must be a demanding challenge restricting her diet and undergoing severe training programs, before she explained how challenging the eating aspect of her schedule can be. Referring to herself as a “100 percent foodie,” she explained to me how typically she can’t resist desserts. However, since understanding the importance of diet she has more control over what she eats and manages to resist when necessary. I found this admirable, especially since personally I can relate to Kris in the fact that I cannot resist sweet treats and the idea of limiting my chocolate intake is simply preposterous! Truly though, it was clear that she takes her goals very seriously.

“The competition prep was tough. I had to start dieting three months before the competition itself and trained twice a day, sometimes up to four times. I would wake up at 4 am every day and do cardio on an empty stomach. Training this way, you feel extremely tired. But the one thing that got me through, was my eagerness to win the show and achieve my dream–that’s what drove me forward every moment I felt like quitting,” Kris explained.

Training means shaping and maintaining a body that is healthy, fit, and strong. And all of these things are attractive. When I asked Kris what she thinks about those people who believe that muscly women are not attractive or feminine, she replied, “Nowadays guys will definitely be attracted to girls with peachy butts and abs! Girls need to spend more time training to see results as testosterone levels for women are much lower than that for men. And that is one of the key points to gaining muscle. The great thing is that having muscles means having a higher metabolism so you can eat more! And having more energy is definitely sexier.”

Bodybuilding is something that drives people through motivation, in a bid to strive toward their ultimate best version of themselves. Often during this endeavor, these hardcore athletes work toward their goals and help others to achieve the same thing they did. What I find fascinating is that this lifestyle isn’t only a physical test of strength and endurance, but also psychologically stimulating; a lesson that over time teaches strength of the mind, resilience, dedication, patience, willpower and confidence. I believe that Kris has learned all of these qualities as well as how to become a coach and role model in our community, and beyond.

Now working as a PT at Roar Fitness, Kris is dedicated to helping others achieve their body goals, offering first-hand knowledge, coaching and support for them to reach their dreams just like she did.

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