Bespoke Sounds at Wu

“Wu” is a sound aesthetic brand with a studio for bespoke and handmade headphones. When you enter the studio in Nancheng, you will see all headphones are well looked after

The Heroic Woman Li Fudi

When chastity was challenged by death, legendary Li Fudi chose the former. After the Opium War, the Qing government asked forcibly for more tax from folks to fill the huge

Escaping The Grim Reaper

A 21-year-old man’s heartbeat stopped and he was eventually revived after 72 hours’ emergency rescue. Seeing Zheng chatting with his friend on February 11, it’s hard to believe that he

Traffic Light Used On Expressway

Two traffic lights are now in use on Humen Bridge Expressway to improve traffic efficiency. Humen Bridge became well known not only in Dongguan but also around China from during

CBA Playoffs Begin

The 2017-2018 China Men’s Basketball League (CBA) playoffs will start on March 3, with Guangdong Tigers moving forward toward hopeful victory. Some changes to the regular competition system have been


MARCH 1-31 ALOFT DONGGUAN SONGSHAN LAKE NOOK RESTAURANT Party Arrangement Wedding/Birthday/Full Monthly Baby/Family Party are all acceptable. Western barbeque buffet or Chinese menu from 168 to 228 RMB can be

WCFN Comes To Dongguan

Since the popular Shenzhen-based event known as WCFN (White Collar Fight Night) has begun to expand to different cities throughout China, it’s finally coming to Dongguan on May 19. WCFN

Reaching For Gold

Weight training & muscle gaining is bigger than ever and Fit & strong women are sexy. Global Classic 2017 bikini competitor, Kris Zhang, speaks of her journey from slight to

Challenging Characters

A character-building challenge that teaches perseverance, is it worth it for us to spend time learning Chinese characters? How many do you know? My mum told me I was reading

Sleeping with Mother Nature

When was the last time you went camping? Perhaps you haven’t tried. There are many reasons why happy campers take pleasure in this outdoor activity, and here’s why. With Chinese