Dongkeng Labor Selling Festival

Having been an annual tradition for over 400 years, Labor Selling Festival celebrated in DongKeng, aka the “water splashing festival” comprises an immense flock of thousands of locals, whilst they walk,

Dongcheng Painted Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day this year came perfectly on a Saturday, which made it extra special as partygoers were finally able to celebrate the Irish holiday properly and on the same

Journey To The Southwest: Reaching New Heights

Have you been in Dongguan so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a tourist? Presenting history, culture and aesthetic appeal, these southwest china attractions will reignite your

Holi Festival at 769 Creative Park

Yesterday afternoon saw the colorful festival of Holi being celebrated in Nancheng’s Rock Climbing Park at 769, and it was a blast! To all who came, we wish you and

Rhythm Is A Dancer: Muzika Studios

Sassy, smooth, and sensual–these are but some of the words that come to mind once one enters this establishment. It’s all in the vibe, energy, décor, color, music and–wait for

HK Home Cooking: Batou No.27 bistro

It came out of nowhere. Suddenly one day we all looked up from our phone screens, bar stools and Didi windows in vivacious Xia Ba Fang and saw a stylish

Withholding Tax Deferral Plans

Foreign investors can now check the criteria for withholding tax deferral treatment on dividends to see if they are eligible. On December 21 2017, authorities clarified the criteria for withholding

Reading A Bottle: The Label

Knowing what to look for and where to find it on a wine label will increase the confidence and speed of your purchase. It will also enable you to buy