Cruising to the Top: Cruise Bar (Kande Hotel)

“Wow!” Was absolutely my first impression, as I pushed my dropping jaw back into my face a few times whilst being shown around the exceptional venue. Exercising one’s decorum is no easy feat in a place that never fails to surprise time and time again. Now, I have always thought of the bars in Dongguan as cool, funky at times, unique and generally a heap of fun all year round; but this one absolutely beats them all in terms of greatness. Yes, it most definitely personifies “next level.”

High, high above the hustle-and-bustle streets of Nancheng, at the very top of the Kande Hotel on Hongfu Lu, rests this goliath and it is as inviting as a party on Mount Olympus with the gods of local industry and business being frequent visitors themselves. It is all of Pitbull and The Lonely Island’s music videos coupled with Madonna’s “Vogue,” The Beatles’ “Help” and James Bond attire. Made to resemble a ship (hence its name) in terms of the interior, they sport a circular bar counter from where they send the cocktails to all four corners, as you get comfy on fluffy pillows, with stylish tables and enjoy the 360-degree view with lovers, friends, colleagues and associates.

On the same floor, right outside the door, they also have special dining facilities, a wine tasting room, a children’s area and an art house–Cruise Bar is indeed set up for any event you could possibly think of. And yes, they can prepare food for you, if you haven’t eaten before arriving. Wilson Wu, the manager and businessman himself, along with his elegant assistant Yolanda Yuan, impressed me as they opened up about their vision and goals. The first of its kind in Dongguan, they aim to be the number one choice for corporate and special events but also for the general public, to add an even more spectacular experience to Dongguan’s already budding and booming economy.

Now, on to the drinks! They can make anything you wish for. The bar staff have all been trained either locally or in Hong Kong, so you’ll be guaranteed only the best. On the night, they granted us the honor to officially name some of their new delicious concoctions. So, aside from the usual sexy selections, we have now coined, The Cheeky Ostrich, Cleopatra’s Flower, Jodie’s Flutter and Old Faithful–we highly recommend that you try all of them.

ADDRESS: Cruise Bar, Kande Hotel 40F, No.200, Hongfu Rd, Nancheng

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