Coping With Video-Game Obsession

On January 20, a speech encouraging better communication between parents and their game-obsessed children was given at Songshan Lake.

The speech was free for parents (aged 22 to 50) who seemed to be having trouble getting along with their game-obsessed kids. During it, the speaker–an education expert from Taiwan–helped parents to differentiate E-sports and computer games. The former belongs to sports items while the latter is entertainment. For E-sports, there are clear and uniform rules as well as strict time control and round limitation. However, computer games are the opposite. Results don’t need to be based on the battle between two people.

Louis Lin, the general manager of TTP E-sports Institute, came up with the idea of shaping and delivering the speech when he realized many parents don’t understand the difference between the two.

“The market of the E-sports industry and computer games are developing at a very high speed. However, I found many parents misunderstood the situation . I would like to let parents know that E-sports can show a positive means on young people’s growth. Louis said, “For children, E-sports is something they like. So, we use this as an entry point to influence them.”

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