Your Days Off in 2018

Chinese Holiday 2018The 2018 Chinese public holiday schedule has been released, setting down the arrangement for all public holidays for the year.

New Year’s Day – January 1 (Mon), which means there will be a three-day weekend. Woo-hoo.

Spring Festival (CNY) – February 15 (Thu) to 21 (Wed). The biggest holiday of the year will start on the CNY’s eve like last year. The two adjusted working days fall on February 11 (Sun) and 24 (Sat).

Qing Ming Festival (Tomb-Sweeping Festival) – April 5 (Thu) to 7 (Sat). Remember going back to work on April 8 (Sun).

International Labor Day – April 29 (Sun) to May 1 (Tue). Work on April 28 (Sat) and then enjoy three days off.

Dragon Boat Festival – June 16 (Sat) to 18 (Mon). It falls on Monday, which means a three-day weekend.

Mid-Autumn Day – September 22 (Sat) to 24 (Mon). Here comes another three-day weekend. Sweet.

National Day – October 1 (Mon) to 7 (Sun). The two switched working days on September 29 and 30 are worth it for the seven days off in a row, right?

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