Winter Camp for Our Future Stars

Winter Camp for Our Future Stars
January 23 will see the beginning of something fresh and vibrant in Dongguan, in the shape of a theatre program allowing young students to unlock their creativity whilst having fun. Director, Actor and Playwright, Gorman John Ruggiero, studied in New York before producing his own theatre shows and working with children. Now he resides in Dongguan and has created this project–with more in the pipeline–to encourage local children to improve their communication skills.

The two-week winter camp program will take place at Guancheng English Experimental School, offering students from seven years old the chance to take part. Gorman and his team will choose the 50 most enthusiastic, driven and creative individuals to spend two weeks with them, engaging in rehearsals and enjoying the experience in a pressure-free environment.

The ultimate goal is for the group to perform Gorman’s 20-minute hybrid adaptation of Snow White, incorporating elements of Chinese folklore. Admirably, the children will be performing the story in English, on February 4, at the Star Theatre in Dongguan.

Speaking to Gorman, he commented: “It’s going to be a challenge, what with 50 kids onstage! But it’s just logistics. Besides, it will be fun!”

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