Why Wangniudun?

Cow in meadow, nature composition

Wangniudun is a town at the northwest of Dongguan. “Wang” means “look towards,” “niu” means”cattle,” “dun” means”mound.” Literally, Wangniudun means a mound where people look towards the cattle.

During the early Ming dynasty, Zhang Yilin relied on the heritage from his ancestors, having owned some land at the west of the former Dongguan. When spring came, Zhang asked one of his slaves Alai to plough the field. The more Alai ploughed, the earlier he needed to wake up the next morning.

One day, he was very tired so he took a nap after tying the cattle at the mound. When he woke up, the cattle had disappeared. He tried his best to seek and yell, but he found nothing at all. When the night fell, having had no luck he elucidated the accident. Sadly, Zhang didn’t believe it at all and punished Alai by beating him. Since Zhang had some experience with martial arts, Alai was badly hurt. He crawled back home but died soon after. Before his death, he commanded his family to bury him in the mound where he lost the cattle. He insisted to keep on searching for the cattle even in the afterlife. From then on, some people said they heard a voice calling the cattle, some even say they have seen Alai’s figure. So here you have it, the story as to why the mound Wangniudun was given its name.

Later, the mound developed into a town with the same name.

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