Not Just a Bed: DG’s Most Interesting Munsu, China’s Answer to Airbnb

Once upon a time, B&Bs offered only a bed to sleep in. A practical solution for business travelers. However, with the steady increase in travelers seeking more than a place

Taipei 101

From north to south, Taiwan is overflowing with culture, history & beauty. From the food, to the museums, to the famous Taipei 101, this place knows how to tantalize your

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Dogs

We live in a society where the debate on eating dogs is ongoing. A battle between morals & culture, we all have our own opinions on this matter. But is

2017 Industrial Design Awards

The 2017 DiD Award aka the thirteenth Dongguan Cup drew a perfect result at the end of 2017. The Dongguan Cup is an annual industrial design competition from 2005 with

Lan Leathercraft Studio

Lan Leathercraft Studio offers the perfect space for being creative whilst learning new handicraft skills. If you’re feeling bored with the same old bags and wallets, why don’t you try

Green Car Plates Arrive in DG

Following in the footsteps of Shenzhen, Dongguan is using green plates for new energy vehicles from now on. The new plates will be used for pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid

Unload to Baiyun Airport

Now you can unload your bags at Dongcheng check-in terminal, meaning an easier and more convenient check-in prior to taking flight from Guanghzou Baiyun International Airport. The airport cooperates with

Winter Camp for Our Future Stars

January 23 will see the beginning of something fresh and vibrant in Dongguan, in the shape of a theatre program allowing young students to unlock their creativity whilst having fun.

Dongguan Bulldogs Triumph

Nine Dragon Rugby 10s Carnival involves a series of three tournaments held in March, June, and December, organized by the Hong Kong Kowloon Sports Association and Rugby Clubs from Guangdong

Brown Sugar Jar Is Back

Brown Sugar Jar was obliged to close by some force majeure for a period of time. However there’s no need for pity now because it’s back in the game! With