Hush now, darling: Silent alco bar


Welcome to Dongguan. I’ll tell you a secret. And you’ll have to promise not to tell anyone else. Can I count on you? If not, then don’t read any further. Turn the page to another article now if you’re going to be like that. But if I can indeed trust you–and you will be glad you kept quiet once you know why–then read on.

Like its predecessors in 1920’s America, Silent Alco, a full on speakeasy joint, is tucked away where no one can see between the forest, trees, buildings and restaurants. But if you can see it for what it is, then you’ll certainly discover it. Even though new in town, it already has a steady group of followers and during our visit my friend and I had an incredibly good time. A warm and welcoming group of bar staff tends to your every need, pushing the VIP vibe– this itself makes the experience worth every moment and yuan one spends there. And they have no menu.

Silent AlcoYes, no menu. You read that right, because a menu is not necessary, as we were told. They can literally make and mix any type of delicious concoction that you may wish for. Should you find yourself at a loss, there is no need to worry, because they can read you and fix you up, in spectacular fashion, with whatever suits you and your taste buds. We enjoyed, amongst other drinks, a surprisingly tasty cocktail named Cherry Blossom that, after it was made, was put under a glass dome and smoked with a tube. When they serve it to you, you cannot help but pull out your camera. Presentation is indeed at the heart of this speakeasy. Another favorable notion in our books was how the staff insisted on using the best and freshest fruit in their drinks – if you’re passionate about passionfruit drinks, you’ll love it here.

The interior: think castle walls, antlers, old England, tea light candles, an old bell you only ring when you want to buy a round for everyone, Jazz and Deep House music and a sexy-and-stylish bar counter. Putting it another way, once you find yourself spirited away here, you won’t leave easily. It truly is that good.

Now, if you wish to see this glorious new arrival, we are not going to provide the whereabouts. It’s a speakeasy after all. Scan this QR Code though for more clues. And if you read this article again carefully, you may find even more hidden clues in the text.

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