Brown Sugar Jar Is Back

Brown Sugar Jar Is Back
Brown Sugar Jar was obliged to close by some force majeure for a period of time. However there’s no need for pity now because it’s back in the game!

With a 12-meter stage and professional audio equipment, as well as a viewing area which can easily accommodate 300 people, live music will still be the main element for the new BSJ. It’s just something more than it ever was.

An American-style barber and a tattoo studio might be what you’re looking for. Perhaps even the handicraft studio. These are just a couple of the novel arrivals at the new space. With the obvious zoning for live music, events, catering, working studio, etc., there is so much creativity going on. Brown Sugar Jar welcomes all; no matter how different you are, it’s easy to find your spot there.

The opening days took place on December 30 and 31 with vintage markets and the countdown party, showing Dongguan how diverse BSJ is now.

“After the diversification taking place over a year, we adjusted our mentality and became more independent,” said Neo Niu, founder of BSJ, “I hope the new BSJ can keep its specialty, and become more easily accepted by different people.”

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