The New Face of Daojiao

A New Representative of Daojiao

In the future, zong zi might not be the only thing people talk about when thinking of Daojiao. The ART+MANUFACTURE Exhibition opened on November 18 at XI Contemporary Art Center in Daojiao might be a good example of a bright future.

The event is held in a two-floor building with more than 1,000 exhibits showing items made by independent designers from all over the world, and including themes like construction, clothing, footwear, daily items and more. Entering and wandering freely led to some interesting conclusions. Most promising of which is a potential cultural renaissance coming to the city.

The exhibition (running until December 18) is one of the events featured in the Third Art Festival in Daojiao. So far, there have been three Art Festivals with various kinds of expression, including dancing, singing, calligraphy, cultural and creative products, art installations, etc. More is expected soon.

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