Something’s abrew: Mo Brew Bar (previously Suds)

bar review_Dec 2017

It’s big, it’s awesome and literally has got everything and anything you could want, from a pool table to a live music stage and, lest we forget, its very own brewery. Obviously, you can get anything else you want if beer isn’t your thing. They also sport a nice list of cocktails on top of the regular spirits and whiskey list. If red wine is your thing, they’ve got you covered, as well. Mo Brew is indeed your one-stop bar for the night!

I’ve already been there on a few occasions, actually. The day they opened, I went there with a friend and played some pool. Now, this is important because if any bar has a small or terribly old table, I just turn and walk out. Trust me when I say that their table is good. While my friend and I raged to win every game, attentive staff took good care of us, bringing delicious pizza and beers. I won, of course, and I thank the waitress (who shall remain nameless) who gave me the confidence for glory with an perfectly ice-cold Long Island Ice Tea.

The great thing about the place is how the vibe and design has a peculiar way to invigorate you. Especially if the crowd is cool. Industrial fixtures offer a modern feel that blends perfectly with the gigantic, shimmering beer brewing equipment. Although Mo Bar hasn’t fully rolled out their own foamy concoctions, they expect to begin soon. How it’ll stack up against the other major players around Dongguan should be exciting to see.

Even if you want to take your lady for a drink on a quieter evening, you can also do that at MO Brew, too. If you and your mate need to have a heart-to-heart about whatever drama at work or in your personal lives, go there. The place has all the right corners for that type of private speak.

This place should rank as one of the best in Dongcheng, simply because it lends itself to any and all types of occasions and has great staff delivering an excellent menu. For the main reason to go there—to drink fresh brews—we’ll just have to wait and see.

ADDRESS: NO. 133, Vpark, NO. 228, Lifeng Rd

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